Monday, May 18, 2009

San Fransisco 2009 Bay to Breakers = WOW!

By: Tom Hodge

The worlds wackiest road race took place yesterday in San Francisco, with Kenya's 22-year-old Sammy Kitwara, crushing an existing record for the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K race. Kitwara ran the 12 kilometer distance in a time of 33:31 with an average running pace of 4:30, beating all previous records in the 98-year-old San Francisco foot race.

Having raced for 27 years and always hearing about this running race I thought I would give it a try this year. All I can say is "nuts"! I had a great race, but passing all the out of control parties made it the most unique race event I have ever done. Everyone needs to do this race at least once in their life.

The San Francisco Bay to Breakers has a worldwide reputation for participants wearing colorful and extravagant costumes, some running, and others just enjoying good times.

Bay to Breakers 2009 Race Results -- Kenya's Sammy Kitwara took first place with his time of 33:31, a new Bay to Breakers record. 26-year-old Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia took first place in the female division, with a time of 38:29, and an average running pace of 5:10.

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