Saturday, May 16, 2009

Armstrong Building Form As Giro Rolls On

Regarding the condition of seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, Bruyneel commented after the race:

"For Lance, he's feeling better and better. Today he was looking good and feeling good and that's what we want. I think some people are disappointed with the first two mountain stages. But I think it's expected if you consider 6 weeks ago he was in the hospital having collarbone surgery. People were questioning if he was going to race the Tour. He had a good Gila, comes over here, looks good in the TTT and all of a sudden people think that he's going to be there with the favorites, but you have to be realistic - he's coming back after three years, didn't do any big races yet, no real big climbs. I like what I see. And I expect him to improve. I'm not expecting results. I know he wants to try for a stage win because champions always need confirmation because a win is win. But I would like to see that he feels good on the bike and is there with the favorites and the big guys in the mountains in the last week".

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