Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ivan Basso Gives It His All - Vuelta Next?

"I owed it to myself, my team and my fans to try. It is the first Grand Tour in three years, and I think that this gives me confidence for the Vuelta [a EspaƱa] and for next year's Giro. I am re-familiarising myself with attacking, an escape, the effort that you feel.

"In the end, the result was not sufficient, but I believe it was what I had to do."

Basso may have another chance to get a result in Monday's stage to Monte Petrano. The 237-kilometre stage finishes with a 10.4-kilometre climb, the fourth of the day. Menchov may be the man favored by Basso, but the steady Russian is not letting his guard down.

"It was a very interesting move by Basso," said Menchov. "Today and tomorrow are the days to try. It did not work, but it was a good try."

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