Monday, May 11, 2009

Macca: A bit of everything

By Chris McCormack

Well the last week has been pretty cool here in Sydney. I am getting ready for my long trip away from the family. I am up to the USA on Wednesday and then across to Europe for 7 weeks to race and prepare for the Ironman in Germany. I really love racing in Europe and would like to win again the European Championships. Ironman Germany is an incredible race and well worth doing if you have never done it before. The support on the course is unbelievable and the race is run in a major city which makes it a real experience.

Another Ironman title would make me the most prolific male winner of Ironman events. Lothar Leder filled me in on this yesterday so that gives me a goal to aim for. Another Germany win would be my 13th Ironman title, the most by any male triathlete. I never knew that so it was interesting to hear. The Europeans are great with their stats and Lothar pointed out that another win would be a benchmark result in our sport. Nothing like a bit of pressure. Thanks Lothar!

All has been good at home. It is a funny time of year here as the winter approaches and the sicknesses start to go around. I picked up a little chest cold that I carried for the last week but am getting over now. Once I am out of Australia the warmer weather will eliminate all the bugs that float around in the winter. With my girls at school they bring all the little bugs back home with them and training in the cooler weather opens you up to the risk of catching these infections. It is inevitable, so I just bunkered down and tried to stay as healthy and fresh as I could and do only aerobic work. I have pulled up pretty good actually and felt much better this week.

This is only a short post as I am getting the girls ready for bed and we have mothers day here tomorrow so we have some presents to wrap and cards to write on. I just got a few of the shots from the recent UA ad campaign they are shooting for the spring. In the shot I have included you get a nice view of the new UA racing flat. I have been enjoying racing in the new shoes and the tweaks have been great. I think the launch of this flat will be very positively received by triathletes. It is a great shoe for most athletes looking at racing from Olympic all the way through to Ironman. As bigger athletes I have always found it difficult to find a nice triathlon racing shoe that gives triathletes all the benefits they require. UA have got close to nailing the perfect shoe here. For those of you who often contact me about my racing garments by UA, please register on MaccaX now as we are getting 1000 suits made and will make these available first and foremost to our members on this site. The demand has been huge for them and we needed to work out the best way to get people into our suits for now. Stay tuned and register now!

Anyway I am out on Wednesday. I will post again before I fly out. We have just finished our home renovation and it looks great. My family is settled in Burraneer Bay, south of Sydney and now it is time for me to get the heavy lifting done and the race results posted. I love it. I am also enjoying taking on these young guys. It keeps me young in the head. I love their desire and passion and get pumped racing them.

Safe training,

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