Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alberto Contador Checks In........

Hi from Andorra,

Today was a very, very long day. Nine neutralized kilometers at the start, a 224-km stage and another 25 km from Arcalis to the hotel in Andorra La Vella on the bike: almost 260 km!!! Gotta recover now. It was a pretty calm day. An escape of 9 riders was allowed by all teams, and when they got 14 minutes ahead, the team set a good pace so they couldn’t take any more time. My teammates did a great job controlling it, and later, on the last climb, the race was pretty much under control, since there was a nasty headwind. About 4 km from the finish line Evans broke away and I saw that the rest of the riders’ faces didn’t look good, so I decided to try at 2.5 km from the goal. I saw that I was the only one that went, and I tried to get as much time as I could. In the end, it wasn’t much, but it’s always good to get something. The important thing is that I feel good and the situation is good. We’ll see, and one more day. Many thanks for your messages of support.

Alberto Contador

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