Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recovox Athlete's Testimonials

"I take Recovox because it helps me recover. It also helps me stay calm and focused for events" Dave Zabriskie

Dave is the only American to win a stage in all three Grand Tours (Tour de France, Giro d'ltalia and the Vuelta a Espana). Zabriskie set the record for the fastest ever time trial in the 2005 Tour de France and also is a Olympian and a silver & bronze medalist at the World Time Trial Championships.

Sverre Rod riding the Dolomites in Italy.

I am a 50 years old cyclist and I started with Recovox one week ago, taking two capsules a day. I am IMPRESSED by the effect. My functional threshold power score with my CycleOps indoor cycle was 252 watts (avg. 265 watts - 5%), accomplished during a 20 minutes max effort test. Two months later I did another FTP test with an amazing result of 300 watts (315-5%). Prior to the last test I took Recovox for JUST five days. That's an improvement of over 19%! Even though I probably had gotten in better shape between the two tests, I am confident that Recovox contributed to help me improve. The major difference was that my legs felt a lot more fresh, and that I experienced MUCH less lactic acid during the test.

Thanks for a great product.
Sverre Rod

Brad Kearns signs an autograph for a big fan.

Recovox is an ideal product to help me manage stress levels. As a long time athlete, I have a highly developed "fight or flight" mechanism to respond to stress. However, in busy daily life the mechanism gets overused - trying to squeeze to much into a busy day, getting run ragged by the kids, missing sleep or trying to do workouts with a 43 year old body and 18-year-old brain perspective. I take large quantities of Recovox when I encounter heavy stress days (up to 8 per day), such as hard workouts or jet travel. The main ingredient, PS, has been proven to help moderate the spike of stress hormones in the bloodstream. I notice a calming effect and less of a "stress hangover" the day after a stressful event.

Brad Kearns, age 43
Former National Champion Professional Triathlete turned recreational high jumper and desk jockey.

Dear Recovox,

I'm 48 years old, married, have 3 teenagers and have been doing triathlons since 1986.

The one element of the sport that I always struggled with was being able to handle the long and hard training days. My recovery would take days which meant I could never log enough miles and hours to get better or sign up for the longer races. All that changed 2 years ago when I was introduced to Recovox and began taking it after my workouts.

Recovox gave me the ability to go long and hard day after day without feeling drained and tired. My average training week's volume before Recovox was 9-12 hours. While training for Ironman Florida last year my average was around 20 hours with my biggest week at 26 hours. The only difference in my routine was the Recovox.

Another benefit I felt was improved alertness and less fatigue at work. When training at this level I was concerned that work would suffer but I actually have become more effective and productive at work. It sounds crazy but as I got closer to the race I'd get up early to do my long runs (13 - 18 milers) on wednesdays and get to the office and feel like I had an easy day!

A number of my training partners have seen the difference in my training and recovery and have gone online and become advocates of your product as well so I'm confident the Recovox works. Thanks for creating a product that helped me realize my potential and the fun of going long!

Jack Spartz

"I am a sixth grade school teacher as well as a Category 1 road racer. I need to maximize the time that I have available for training in order to be competitive on race day. I take Recovox daily, it is the best product I have ever used to recover from hard training and it helps with other physical and mental stress as well."

Joshua Webster
2nd California State criterium championships Cat. 1
6th SoCalCup Cat.1
10th US National criterium championships Masters(30-34)

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