Monday, March 16, 2009

lululemon shorts are riding bikes in Walnut Creek

The Chief short from lululemon athletica has to be the best pair of shorts I
have ever worn. Since I live in shorts 365 days out of the year I consider
myself a expert on this matter.

Why are these the best?

Simple, they are light weight and fit extremely well. They are super
comfortable and I was almost thinking of ditching my cycling kits for the
Lululemon Chief shorts for my next bike race...well not really, but they are
that comfortable. They are made of a Lycra stretch fabric which allows for a
wide range of activities and movements. Always a plus when you swim, bike
and run 7 days of the week.

If you live in the East Bay make sure to check out the their new store
coming to Walnut Creek. Rumor has it that they are going to have a kick-ass
grand opening party sometime in June. As soon as I find out the details I
will pass them along.

To learn more about the shorts or any of Lululemon's rockin products click
on the title link.


yoga bear said...
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yoga bear said...

Totally Agree with the comfort feel of their gear!
You are on my blog!