Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recovox Athlete - Emilio De Soto

First of all, I am not paid to endorse any products and I buy my drugs, so these comments are all without vested interest in the companies mentioned.

If you are taking anything that makes you feel so good, or perform so much better by taking a couple of them, then what you are taking is probably either an illegal, controlled, or a banned substance. What supplements do is much more subtle and is noticed more by things like speed of recovery, quality of sleep, sex drive, good skin, healthy nails, hair, teeth, gums, and consistency of energy or the course of months and years (not just days).

Those of you that think that eating well, and everything in moderation etc. is enough, you are probably also satisfied with your race results and you are not interested in getting faster. I can talk about racing and at what level I try to race at, but the right supplements also help recovering from broken bones, appendectomies, and other traumatic injuries on your body.

Vitamins and supplements are something everyone should take because nobody eats a perfectly balanced diet. Supplements do just that they supplement your diet. I have come to learn that the quality of the ingredients is as important so I do not skimp on stuff like this. I am on the Damage Control Master Formula program.

I also take glucosamine and chondroitin for joints because I am 46 and still racing hard. If they whether they work or not, they are inexpensive and worth the effort just in case.

Finally, I use Recovox. The hormonal effects of stress on the body are what age us, slow our metabolism, and slow our recovery down. While exercise helps stress you are still producing cortisol, the hormone that causes all this. After 4 years of taking it on a consistant basis, it is worth every cent.

Emilio De Soto II

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