Friday, August 15, 2008

Rebecca Preston Checks In......

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this blog from Calgary, Canada. I arrived here on Saturday after a full day of traveling. I’m doing IM Canada on the 24th of August, however, I am also here to race an olympic distance race this sunday on the 17th of August, at Lake Chaparall. Joel Goralski, owner of The Niklas Group, a land development company here in Calgary, has sponsored me to come and race at Lake Chaparall and Penticton. Joel is an age group triathlete, and is coached by Marc of Ironguides. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to stay in Calgary in the lead up to these two races. Bob and Lyn are my hosts, and I have to be honest, I’m being a little spoilt. Their house is only 10 mins to the shops, pool, running trails, so I feel like I’m back in Leysin (well….not really….it’s a ‘little’ bit flatter here).

Anyway, back to the title of my blog- ‘blog-worthy’. This morning while kicking in the pool, I saw something that was definitely blog-worthy. A man (probably about 40-50 years old, and not very fit looking) got out of the pool, walked towards the change room, wearing nothing but a skimpy g-string. It was one of those ’string like g-strings’ (you know, like dental floss). I wish the fellow iron chicks were there with me, so we could all have a huge laugh about it. Instead, I looked around the pool, to see if anyone else was concerned and thought this site was little bit out of the ordinary. Nope. No one even took any notice of him.

That was one of the most bizarre things I have every seen. So Matt, Donna, Luke, Marilyn, is this the norm here in Canada, eh?

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