Monday, August 11, 2008

Luke Bell Wins The "Surf Monkey"

Well things have been pretty quiet over the past couple of weeks. A nice relaxing week of recovery after Racine with some time spent surfing and hanging out at the beach between some easy recovery sessions.

Last weekend was a nice hit out at the 'Surf Monkey'. This is an event put on by and consisted of a number of events to choose from - 5k beach run, 1600m swim around Oceanside pier, swim/run and a paddle board race either lay down or stand up paddle over 8 miles. Some people were mad enough to have a crack at all of the events - for me it was sticking to what you know, a nice hard 5k beach run then backing up 15min later for the swim/run.

It was so much fun and something I would tell everyone to have a go at next year. Just a cool event and fantastic way to get in a couple of sessions with a nice group of people. MJ took out the females swim/run while I was lucky enough to take home the males.

What did we get for the win......................... a cool little Surf Monkey!! He is one cool dude. I think this is a keeper of a prize straight to the pool room.

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