Monday, August 4, 2008

A DJ. A Bicycle. The Mother Road. Our Planet.

What is Earth 66? Earth 66 is a mission to raise awareness for a planet in peril. It’s the mission of International DJ D:Fuse to ride a bicycle along Route 66 seven hundred miles from Los Angles to Albuquerque to help raise money and awareness for a variety of issues related to climate change. D:Fuse will be posting blogs along the route and doing video broadcasts at every stop, giving a play-by-play of the road and discussing simple things people can do everyday to make an environmental difference. Along the way he will be doing his best to "convert" rural America to house music with his portable DJ set up. The idea is to entertain and inspire music fans to educate themselves of the world around them and take action. D:Fuse will not be riding alone. Joining him will be former pro-rider Scott Card who will provide logistic and equipment support and videographer Jimmy Hofmann who will be documenting the journey. No purely gas-powered vehicles will be used for Earth:66. All three will be riding bicycles. The support vehicle will be a Hybrid car. What better way to raise awareness for the planet than to ride a bike 700 miles on the mother road that ushered in the modern age of the ever-polluting automobile?

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