Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tim DeBoom - Tick Toc

My phone popped up with the message, “10 weeks to Kona” on Saturday. Counting down has begun. It’s an interesting time of year when the totally key weeks are not quite here yet, but I’m building myself up to be able to handle those weeks ahead.

My foot is pretty much ready to handle what I throw at it, so it’s looking to be a bit like 07 when my leg finally felt great with 8 weeks to go. I feel much better form wise this year. Things are clicking and hopefully will continue.

We have some hot weather here in Boulder, which always help put me in the right frame of mind for Hawaii. It has also been extremely humid for Colorado this summer, which is also an ideal thing for Kona prep.

Now is the time when I start to do everything “right”. This just means that I focus on me. Anything not related to training, resting, eating, sleeping can wait till October 11. Might sound a bit unrealistic to most, but I have been to this point too many times now to not know what it takes.

Tim DeBoom

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