Monday, August 10, 2009

Luke Bell - Utah and Back

In the past few weeks Lucy and I packed up the car and headed out to Utah to get some different training in before Ironman Canada. It was an amazing trip and Utah is definitely a place that is very much untouched and under rated with sights and fantastic outdoor activities.

We spent 2 weeks at a friends house based at around 8000ft which made sleeping interesting with lots of tossing and turning. It is funny what altitude does to you normal daily patterns. For training it was either a drive back down to town at around 6000ft or you could head up to 10,000+ for either open water swims, rides or runs all be it at a very very slow pace! Michellie Jones joined us for a week to also get away and do something different for a while and it was good to hang out and have someone to talk to during training as there was not to much traffic or anything going on in between towns.

The training went quite well and some of the extra hikes that Lucy made me do after training also made things more enjoyable as you always forget to get away from the normal and enjoy the surroundings.

Now it is around 3-4weeks till Ironman Canada one that I am very much looking forward to as a good fun race as the season is mostly focused on having a go at Clearwater for a change before getting back to Kona next year.

With that aside the main goal for this weekend is to get a "Monkey" again shipped in from Mexico, it is the best prize I have gotten in all my seasons of racing and sits pride and joy in the family room back home - he does need a partner now though. The Surf Monkey is a low key fun event here in San Diego put on by Multisports with Paddling, SUP, swim run, run, swim events with the likes of Michellie Jones, Kate Major, Dave Kalama (legend big wave and SUP rider) Greg and Laura Bennett showing up this year to have some fun. It is a laugh all day as you even get the likes of the old boys Tinley and Souza racing also (in sluggos to boot)


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