Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rhodiola Rosea - What is it?

What it is:

Also known as the “golden root,” the “arctic root,” and “Crenulin.” Rhodiola is a plant that grows in Siberia. It’s been used for thousands of years for a variety of immune and stress purposes. It is known as an “adaptogen” because it helps the body better adapt to stress – in other words, to become more adept at handling future stressors. Rhodiola’s main components are rosavin, rosarin, rosin and salidroside. These ingredients help to move fatty acids, enabling greater metabolic ability and can assist in weight loss while dieting. These active ingredients also give the body a burst of energy in general, invigorating the patient both at the cellular repair level and the mental mood level.

The stress effect:

Rhodiola not only fights mental and emotional stress, but can help increase athletic performance, support a healthy immune system, improve concentration and alertness, promote a sense of well-being, and even help with weight loss while dieting or exercising.

The studies show:

Studies point to effective weight loss when rhodiola is consumed, but studies also prove significant benefits for mood, energy levels, concentration, and athletic enhancement. It is able to effectively help alleviate certain states of non-clinical mental depression, and to help the body to process oxygen more efficiently. This manifests as increased energy, vitality, wellbeing, and possible loss of body fat.

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