Saturday, February 21, 2009

DZ Nuts - Mark Cavendish's Victory Salute

After dispatching with Tom Boonen fairly comfortably in the sprint, Cavendish sat up, lowered his hands, and seemed to cradle his - how shall I put this - 'special area'.

Just what was he trying to say? Mark failed to elaborate on this during the press conference, but thankfully some one else did. Step forward Dave Zabriskie. The self-styled wacky man of pro cycling, and owner, founder, chairman and product developer of DZ Nuts chamois cream reckons it was all down to him.

“I offered Cavendish a hefty bonus yesterday if he dedicated the win. I don't know if you noticed his victory salute," Zabriskie said after being asked how DZ nuts were holding up. "So I had to give him a large wad of cash and a couple of packs.”

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