Friday, January 29, 2010

Ironman Champions Launch Endurance Conspiracy

“Let's just say, that these days you shouldn’t have to go anywhere or do anything that a tee shirt is not appropriate attire. When you're wearing one of your favorite tees, you know you'll be comfortable, and that's reflected in your attitude and behavior.”

Tony DeBoom
Founder and Ironman Champion

(Boulder, Colorado) – In a sports world where companies are producing products to help you go faster, further and longer, former professional triathlete Tony DeBoom felt that something was missing along the way. He couldn’t find comfortable, conscientious, art-driven casual clothing that represented his lifestyle. What little casual apparel did exist was cheesy and dull. Enter the Endurance Conspiracy. “The Endurance Conspiracy is about those perfect moments we all feel when we’re running on the trails or zipping down the mountain roads or swimming in the ocean. It’s capturing those flawless moments and expressing them in our own way artistically,” says Tony. “The ideas that make us feel alive and smile manifest themselves in our designs.”

The Endurance Conspiracy is an athlete owned, art driven, casual clothing line that captures the essence of endurance sports through artistic designs and environmentally friendly materials. Our love of the outdoors and our athletic adventures are a constant inspiration and influence in our products. What’s the “conspiracy” you ask? “It’s different for everyone”, says Tony, “for me, it means that you can’t really understand the joy I feel when bombing down a canyon road unless you experience it yourself - it’s like we’re all in on a little secret. We started the EC line with tee shirts because it’s our absolute favorite thing to wear. We love the idea that the tee shirt can be used as an auto-biographical compilation of ones life, a conversation piece or even valued as a precious souvenir.”

Tony is a longtime closet artist who after years of competing, coaching, and enjoying the environment was inspired to creatively express the joy he felt from his way of life. The company’s mantra, “The Fit Shall Inherit the Earth” is already making waves in the endurance sports capital city of Boulder and DeBoom has inspired a few well known athletes to the point where they have joined on as business partners. Two-time Ironman World Champion (and little bro) Tim DeBoom and three-time World Champ Peter Reid, are among the superstar multisport industry veterans that are part of the Conspiracy. “I saw Tim wearing one of the EC designed shirts at the New York Marathon and I immediately felt the connection. The designs are cool with some more loosely connected to our sport than others, making them more universal and capable of reaching well beyond the walls of multisport. I would proudly wear this clothing line at races, around the house or even at a concert!” commented a passionate Reid.

Endurance Conspiracy uses the most environmentally friendly organic cotton available on the market today and the end result nets an incredibly soft and comfortable line of products. The inaugural line includes graphic tees and trucker hats, which are currently available at the online store.

The Endurance Conspiracy is offering a special for the first 50 orders that includes a very limited edition T-shirt complete with a special hello from Peter Reid and the DeBoom Boys.

For more information, please click on the title link or call 303-579-5424.

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