Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fueled by fat: Fat burning 101

There are many reasons to want to burn fat during exercise. For obvious reasons, in the context of the series I'm currently doing, people want to burn fat during exercise to lose weight. In that regard, one must emphasize that as much as we talk about weight loss, fat burning (or rather, a change in body composition) is the priority for most people who commit to exercise and diet to lose weight.

I must emphasize (and this is a late addition to the post) that the principles we've been speaking about in our previous three posts in this series do not suddenly cease to exist - in other words, the fundamental issue is still total calorie balance, not necessarily fat burned. And so this post looks at fat use during exercise, but I don't want to overplay the concept that you can burn fat to accelerate fat loss. In fact, in the long term, it's the creation of the calorie deficit that is needed, as we discussed in Part 2 A and B of this series.

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