Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tim DeBoom Checks in from Kona

So, Tim’s Ride at the Mauna Lani was this past weekend. Interestingly, Tim mentioned that this was the first time he had ridden a road geometry frame / set-up in nearly 20 years of coming to the big island. Tim’s dialing in his bike arrangement for the Triathlon Alpe d’Huez later this summer, as well as, the Norseman Extreme Tri.

Tim will be spending alot of time on his Felt AR1 Aero Frame this summer. A ridiculously aero and efficient (and cool!) bike. The bike was built up by the gang at The Service Course. The Service Course is a full service bicycle repair business in Boulder, CO. Founded by ProTour mechanics Daimeon Shanks and Nicholas Legan, The Service Course can provide you the same level of service that riders such as Christian Vande Velde, Lance Armstrong, Tyler Farrar, and Tom Danielson rely on!

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