Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lance Armstrong Places 4th In SB Trail Race

The indefatigable Eric Forte beat a field of 35 runners, including cycling legend and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, to win the second Santa Barbara Trail Series race on San Ysidro Trail on Saturday

Forte, 44, covered the 8-5-mile course in the Santa Barbara foothills in 1 hour, 6 minutes, 48 seconds.

Marcelo Perez finished in second in 1:07.32, Steve Harding was third (1:12.58) and Armstrong, who won the Tour de France seven straight times, finished fourth in 1:14.05. Joe DeVreese came in fifth in 1:14.47.

The top woman was Michelle McToldbridge in 1:23.58 (11th overall).

On Twitter, Armstrong said, “Ran race #2 in the Santa Barbara Trail Series this. Was advertised to be 8.5 miles. Felt like 20. The downhills absolutely killed me.”

He later said on Twitter that he went on a mountain bike ride in Santa Barbara with Platinum Fitness.


1 Eric Forte , 44 1:06:48 M40-44 1 M Overall Male Winner

2 Marcelo Perez 1:07:32 M35-39 1 M

3 Steve Harding 1:12:58 M35-39 2 M

4 Lance Armstrong 1:14:05 M35-39 3 M

5 Joe DeVreese 1:14:47 M40-44 2 M