Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emma Snowsill makes injury woes work for her

“I think with every high there comes a low and sometimes they are the best times to look at yourself and find ways to re-evaluate how you want to move forward and how you want to get better. For me I love big races and I guess that’s the thing that really excites me the most and obviously I did have a very inconsistent season last year but I definitely learned a lot when things weren’t necessarily going right.”

On defending her Olympic gold medal in London:

“I guess the first step is just making the Australian team, for many of the nations and federations the selection policies are really tough and I know ours is really tough as well as the first step is making the team. For me to go to a second Olympics would be a dream come true and obviously it would be different this time around, with a few more years racing under my belt and a few more life experiences I would certainly hope that if I have my toes on the start-line in London that I am a stronger athlete, mentally, physically and emotionally.”

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