Monday, June 30, 2008

Scott Signs Ironman Normann Stadler

Normann Stadler, winner of two Ironman World Championships in Hawaii (2004 and 2006), has joined the Scott International Team. The 35 year-old top athlete and captain of team Dresdner-Kleinwort feels confident and happy about his relationship with Scott: “The new partnership and collaboration with Scott was an important move and will be a huge motivation for the upcoming season,” said Stadler.

Scott will be able to support Stadler in the best way regarding products and communication. In setting itself apart from Stadler’s existing partners, Scott stands by its main philosophy of Innovation-Technology-Design, which translates to hi-end products and a professional image.

After launching the new Plasma2 to the media two weeks ago, Scott is proud that they will see competitor Normann Stadler on the new bike in the near future. The sport’s most aerodynamic bike will work in tandem with Normann’s incredible cycling skills. Still the holder of the fastest bike split in Hawaii (recorded in 2006), he’s looking forward to going for a new record on the Plasma2 this year.

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