Monday, June 2, 2008

Kid Contador "A Champions Welcome Home"

Spain's Alberto Contador takes part in a welcoming ceremony at the Comunidad de Madrid Building in Madrid.

Contador, who Sunday won the Italian Giro, has all the attributes to be as great a rider as legend Lance Armstrong, according to Astana cycling team boss Johan Bruyneel.

"When climbing I have seen him do things that only Armstrong knows how to do," the Belgian Bruyneel told the Gazzetta dello Sport. "Alberto has the mentality of a champion and an extraordinary confidence in himself. We don't yet know his limits."

The Spaniard has long held up the American Armstrong - seven-times winner of the Tour de France - as a role-model, adopting his technique in the mountains, his suppleness and his capacity to keep a cool head under pressure.

Good downhill, excellent on the flat, even if he hasn't reached the level of Armstrong in this area, Contador possesses everything for the big tour. Plus, the perfectionism, the attention to detail that is lacking in many riders, particularly before a race.

"At the moment he is the best rider in the world," Bruyneel added.

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