Monday, September 28, 2009

Triathlete Jenna Shoemaker and ROCKTAPE fight Breast Cancer

Los Gatos, CA - Jenna Shoemaker, a rising superstar of the triathlon world, has joined forces with ROCKTAPE, the leader in kinesiology tape for athletes, to raise awareness and fund the fight against breast cancer.

October is National Breast Cancer awareness month and Shoemaker and ROCKTAPE are doing their part to raise public awareness of this disease. “Jenna Shoemaker has spent most of her professional career promoting Breast Cancer Awareness through her athletic accomplishments. ROCKTAPE is proud to continue our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community by working with Jenna in the fight against this devastating but detectable and treatable disease,” said Greg van den Dries, President of ROCKTAPE.

For the month of October, ROCKTAPE will be marketing a limited-edition design featuring the well-recognized pink ribbon. Designed by artist, architect and ROCKTAPE advocate Gordon Meehl, the tape will feature a series of large and small pink ribbons arranged in a pattern inspired by Jenna Shoemaker’s trademark argyle. Shoemaker and ROCKTAPE will donate 100% of profits generated from the sale of this limited-edition design to Breast Cancer Research.

“Please join me in the fight against breast cancer,” said Shoemaker, continuing, “I’d like to thank ROCKTAPE for creating this special version of the tape. Now, not only can I wear my ROCKTAPE, I can wear it knowing that I’m supporting a very important cause. If you haven’t tried ROCKTAPE yet, there is no better time to do so than now! It has been immensely useful to me as I deal with the niggling injuries that all world class athletes encounter at some time during their careers.”
Rolls of the limited edition Jenna Shoemaker Breast Cancer ROCKTAPE will sell for $20 per roll and are available for pre-order at the ROCKTAPE

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