Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rock Racing Reveals New Partners, New Product Line For 2010 Exclusive Media First Look Event

Las Vegas, Nevada - Rock Racing will introduce new partnerships with leading industry companies and unveil a full product line including three bicycle models, components, wheels, tires, helmets, shoes, kits, cycling lifestyle apparel and isotonic sports drinks.

The invitation-only function will be held at Blush Boutique Nightclub at the Wynn Las Vegas, with a first look preview held exclusively for media from 8-9 p.m.

Rock Racing Owner Michael Ball said the debut of the Rock Racing product line marries an extremely successful cycling program and brand with some of the most respected companies in the cycling industry.

“It was important for us to create quality products and give the consumer a superior experience right off the shelf,” said Ball. “We’ve partnered with the top companies in the business, incorporated the latest technology and worked with manufacturing leaders to bring the Rock Racing aesthetic to market. With the debut of the Rock Racing Special Edition bikes and gear, it’s safe to say pros and the everyday cyclists using our products will have the best experience possible on a bike. ”

For 2010, six companies will partner with Rock Racing to leverage its brand: Louis Garneau, Prologo, Shimano, FSA, Lightweight, and Vittoria.

New Partnerships
With its new partnership with Rock Racing, Louis Garneau will expand on its own line of high-end products by producing special Rock Racing editions of its signature Diamond helmet and HRS Carbon shoes.

“At Louis Garneau we value performance, quality, and a very distinctive look like that the Rock Racing Team is known for,” said Louis Garneau International Marketing Director Pierre Perron. “We are both offering a very different, highly creative and fresh alternative to the bike industry. Our 2009 experience was very positive and we are looking forward for a more extensive partnership for 2010.”

On Wednesday, other partners will unveil their contributions to the Rock Racing line including Prologo, an Italian saddle manufacturer, with several designs of its Rock Racing edition saddles; FSA (Full Speed Ahead) an after-market component company providing original equipment (handlebars, stems, seatposts, cranks and headsets) for the Rock Racing bicycles and Carbon Sports who is manufacturing special Rock Racing-branded editions of its Lightweight wheel sets. Drive train components will be provided by Shimano USA, and Vittoria will provide high quality tires and tubes for the bikes.

RX1, X2 and the “4815” Fixed Gear Bike Unveiled
Three different models of Rock Racing bicycles will be unveiled tonight: the “RX-1” and “X-2” racing models and the “Project 4815” fixed and single gear bike.

Shane Fedon, the team’s Research and Development Engineer, said the RX1 and X-2 models feature carbon frame and fork technology designed exclusively by Rock Racing. The frames utilize an array of different carbon fibers that are infused with nano resins in the pre-molding process. An additional technology – Hi-fi and Lo-fi layups – is exclusive to the manufacturing process.

“We wanted to have one fluid design from head to pavement, one collective Rock Racing attitude on the bike,” said Fedon. “We’ve applied wavelength theory and vibration analysis to create a lighter, stronger bike. The ride quality of our bikes are tuned in to the rider, merging technology and science to improve the cycling experience.”

The Rock Racing RX-1 and X-2 editions are full-on racing bicycles while the 4815 – so named because of its 48 x 15 gear cluster – is an all-round bike inspired by the exploding urban “fixie” trend.

Says Ball, a former track racer, “Just as BMX’s transformed cycling, fixies are going to be the next big alternative sport. They are making cycling fashionable with a whole new urban crowd and Rock Racing is excited to help fuel this growing trend.”

Rock Racing bicycles are available in three different colors – Kosmos red, pearl black and pearl white – and six sizes (50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60). Each features its own unique scheme of custom graphics. They roll out to the public in January 2010.

Fedon Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Rock Racing Brand
Fedon, a mechanical engineer, was charged with research and development of Rock Racing’s new product line. He comes to the team from Advanced Sports Inc., where he reviewed and revamped frame geometry for all brands and created a company-wide process of developing frames and components. He was instrumental in the design of the Fuji D-6 time trial/triathlon bicycle that Rock Racing road tested at the 2008 Tour of Missouri, as well as the re-design of ASI’s Kestrel line of bicycles. Fedon previously worked as head mechanic for the U.S. national cycling team, Navigator’s Insurance, Barloworld and the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology from Penn State University.

Cutting Edge Nutrition
In 2010, Rock Racing will also enter the isotonic sports drink arena with the introduction of two one-of-a-kind formulas, R3 POWER ELIXIR and R3 RECOVERY

R3 POWER ELIXIR is designed to both hydrate and stimulate. Packed with electrolytes and vitamins B-6, it refreshes while using the body’s natural physiology to convert calories into fuel. It is sweetened with agave nectar for a low glycemic index. R3 RECOVERY is a post-workout tonic formulated to restore, replenish, and refuel while bringing the body to the natural balance it craves. Also sweetened with agave nectar, it is packed with electrolytes and vitamins B-6 and B-12.

Both formulas will be available as 12 oz carbonated beverages and powder mixes.

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