Friday, December 5, 2008


What it is:

Beta-sitosterol is a (good) cholesterol-like compound found in many foods, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds. It’s best absorbed in consistent, supplementary form, such as with a pill or vitamin. There are hundreds of “sterols” in the food supply, but beta-sitosterol has specific properties that fight the affects of stress.

The stress effect:

Beta-sitosterol has long been known for its properties that help support healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy immune system, but beta-sitosterol also is excellent for helping muscles to recover from stress, such as after a competition or an injury. It’s best when taken after physical exertion or injury, or during times of stress.

The studies show:

Doctors commonly recommend echinacea for its immune-boosting properties, but studies show beta-sitosterol is actually more effective at supporting immunity when the patient is suffering from stress. Studies also point to significant benefits of beta sitosterol as an essential nutrient for those suffering from stress as it affects the muscles and immunity.

The side effects:

Beta-sitosterol isn’t dangerous, but to get enough in your diet can be a rather high-caloric undertaking (several handfuls of nuts or nut butters, or constant servings of vegetables throughout the day). It’s one of the best immune-supporting nutrients you can take when your body is undergoing stress – whether physical, mental or emotional.

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