Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lance Armstrong - Kicks Off Marathon Kids Program In Austin Texas

Austin Area 2008-2009 Kick Off Celebration!

Marathon Kids is a free, twelve-year-old, trademarked, incremental, school and community based fitness program. It is a six month endurance-building running/walking, nutrition and schoolyard gardening project for K-5th graders and their families.

They are in seven cities and growing “organically” across the world.  We passionately protect the integrity of the free program and work hard to keep it free for our target market:  children most vulnerable to sedentary lives, childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Their mission is to build joyful community around children and be quickly accepted into public, private and home schools as a free, innovative, celebratory fitness and nutrition program, resonating with the child… and with the child’s family. The goal is for the child to develop the love and habit of moving through space and to carry forward the power of muscular, nutritional and psychological well being.

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