Friday, October 1, 2010

DZ At The World Championships…

This hotel is getting pretty old at this point so we have to venture out. Tonight the men’s team is going out for dinner in the small town of Tourqay where we are staying. By small, I mean really small. Tourqay is smaller than any small town I’ve ever seen, even in Wyoming. This morning we stopped for coffee and I ordered some hash browns. The lesson I’ve learned here is that the food is not what it seems. Those weren’t hash browns by any definition, it was instead a deep fried shit brick. Oh well.

The first race over here was the U-23 men ITT and it was pretty exciting day, especially as Taylor Phinney pulled off the W. The US women also put in strong rides with a 4th place and a 6th, I believe. The following day was my TT. We went to the start and it was pretty cold in the warm up tents, so I got on the trainer and started to spin to heat up and get ready for the race. I rolled over to the start ramp with plenty of time before my start. Had to take off my helmet when I got there as they were checking to make sure we didn’t have radios. Then the mechanics had to secure a GPS to my seatpost. The officials looked me and said get up on the ramp you start in 20 seconds. I said, I need that bike and got it up there with 10 seconds before my start and off I went. I didn’t feel bad, for sure I had the eye of the tiger. I didn’t really want to come all this way for an ass whupping, but in the end that’s pretty much what I got. I took 8th place and Fabian won his 4th world title. David Millar had an impressive ride to get 2nd on the day.

The drive home was fun as there was a loud speaker attached to the hood of the car. I had a good time shouting things to the locals on the way home. Only one woman gave us the finger but it wasn’t anything I said as we were passing cars but she just wasn’t happy about that. I guess there are just as many angry people here as there are anywhere else. I tried to smooth things out with her over the loud speaker but she wouldn’t even crack a smile.

Now just one more day of resting up and not doing too much and then we do our Road Race. We watched the U23 road race today and it actually came down to a decent sized group for a sprint so maybe there will be a sprint in our race. However it ends, I’m looking forward to being finished with this season.

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