Friday, October 12, 2007

Tony DeBoom Gives Us The Update On Tim

A big day of not much. The plan is simple. Sleep til you can't sleep no more. Wake and big breakie. A quick and light swim and run. Head back home and rest and relax while gear is packed and readied. Ever since TIm's first victory in 2001 and we all nearly split a gut watching Joe Dirt, comedy has always been part of the ritual. So, last night and today was Anchorman and Talledegha Nights. Humor always keeps things light. That and being surrounded by family today always makes things calm and safe.

When everythings packed and ready, Tim rides the bike on down to the turn-in point at Digme Beach. To make things easier, we race down in the car and keep in idling nearby so he can get in and out of there fast. No need to hang around and draw attention at this point. Then, it's back home for more laughing and rest before double checking everything, prepping nutrition bags for tomorrow and a pretty bland and boring dinner.

Hopefully we'll have a short update tomorrow morning before things kick off. If Tim gives me the look, then the camera is off and I'll give you what I've got. I asked TIm how he's feeling today and for the first time in a looong time, he told me that he's looking forward to the run - damn good to hear him say that. Things tomorrow could be interesting. Might be time for the old guard to rise up and teach these mouthy boys a lesson. Here's hoping. Thanks for reading and we'll update as we can from here on out. Last word: sitting here with Tim he's calm and as ready as he's been. He's got nothing to prove to anyone and he's happy. He wants this one for himself.

Here's a quick shout out to our friends, family and fans back home in Boulder, the state of Iowa and Army Triathlon Team at USMA. Thanks for keeping in touch and we'll talk soon.

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