Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bjorn Andersson to race on Quintana Roo

Las Vegas, Nevada, September 28: At Interbike it was announced that Swedish Ueberbiker Bjorn Anderson will be racing as a Quintana Roo athlete in 2008 and 2009.

According to his manager and mentor Jason Goldberg, Anderson will race on a Quintana Roo bike and swim in a Quintana Roo wetsuit. It is also said that Anderson will be heavily involved in the development of a new tri bike for the brand.

"It is great that we signed Bjorn with QR. His past sponsor has been phenomenal to work with and we have experienced some magical moments with them, but we look forward to be part of several big projects with QR and most importantly, we are really excited to the attention to detail that will be afforded to Bjorn by engineers who have built bikes for men like Lemond and Armstrong" said Goldberg.

Anderson commented "It is great to be working with Quintana Roo and I look forward racing on one. Since they created the tri bike designed to run well after the bike, I look forward to taking advantage of their technology and using it to my advantage."

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