Thursday, October 4, 2007

Michellie Jones Checks In From Kona

Aloha Kona! Boy, do I have a lot of stuff. I can't believe how much gear and nutrition you need for an Ironman. Of course, Pete the equipment manager has to make sure I have everything I need as well as a back up plan. For instance, depending on wind conditions I have every possible Zipp wheel configuration that you can have. An extra Felt DA has been shipped Fed-Ex just in case as Pete would say. Extra tires so if anyone needs some in Kona give us a shout.:) Plus nutrition, nutrition and more nutrition. Matt my bike mechanic is arriving a little later in the week. Dan The Man my ART guru is arriving on Sunday. Haley has volunteered to be my personal assistant so after the race she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. Someone's gotta help me walk down the stairs.:) Gabby my twin is coming from Australia to be my cheer squad. I can't forget Ryan he is also coming from Australia and racing his first Hawaii Ironman so I hope my training program that I gave him works.:) This time my best friend Neily has been assigned to look after the Brats. Of course we get up early for our flights only to find our flight has been delayed 2 and half hours. It gave me a chance to catch up on all the latest gossip by reading the weekly paparazzi magazines. Yippee we finally arrive a few hours late but very happy to be here in Kona.

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