Monday, October 8, 2007

DeBoom Checks In From Kona

Today was the last key run for Tim and he always does it in the Energy Lab. No matter how many times he's run this race, always good to refamiliarize himself with key segments. Tim also was going to run in a couple of pairs of race shoes to determine which pair he wanted to run in. This is pretty normal for Tim to narrow his race gear down to a couple of final options and make a final decision heading into race week - just like the helmets yesterday. As usual, it was scorching in the E Lab - no wind and just plain hot. Tim looked smooth. The way to win this race is to be strong and able to react to any changes that may occur throughout the race - that's why Tim is preparing to bring 7 different kinds of smoke come race day. The first has already been tracking - invisibility (laying low heading into the race and off the radar - let the popular boys enjoy their hype while Tim lays low and gets strong).

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