Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Team CSC Extends with Jens Voigt

One of Team CSC's major profiles - the 35-year old German Jens Voigt - has had his contract extended for another two years.

”I belong with Team CSC and I'm extremely happy we've agreed on extending our contract. I want to spend the remaining part of my career her at Team CSC and luckily I've still got lots of time left. This team means a lot to me both professionally and personally. I fell that I'm among my best friends, when I'm at work - and who could ask for more really. I feel a great responsibility for the new young talents and at the same time I'm still highly motivated to make some great results of my own. Even though the cycling sport is going thru some rough times at the moment I'm still one hundred percent motivated, and I feel that with our Anti-Doping Program we're helping to pave the way for a healthy and safe future. I'd very much like to be a part of that and I'd also like to maintain some sort of relationship with the team, when I eventually decide to park my bike in the garage,” says Jens Voigt.

”Jens is not only one of the biggest stars in this sport, he's also vital to our team in so many ways. He's the most attacking rider in the peloton and there's no doubt that he is totally invaluable to us. There is only one Jens Voigt and it's a great pleasure to have him on our team. His approach to riding a bike and his attitude to both his work and colleagues is utterly unique. He's not afraid to lead the way and his personality is definitely a big inspiration to the new riders,” says Kim Andersen.

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