Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alberto Contador's Daily Stage Report

“Tomorrow the battle continues, and each rider will have to show his cards”

Contador finished Stage 7 in the front pack with the favorites. None of the big names challenged for the win today, possibly saving energy for tomorrow’s much harder stage.

“There’s been less to this stage than expected, but maybe it was just that people were being sensible. Besides, when both the stage win and the maillot were taken in a breakaway, it shaped the battle behind.”

“If the stage win and the maillot had been in play among the favorites, it would have been different. But it’s not the same thing when you already know that everything has been settled up ahead,” explained Contador.

“Tomorrow will be a more demanding stage, with three big hills and more than fifteen kilometers straight up. Because it will finish on the summit, there will be more of a fight, and each rider will have to show his cards.”

Among the teams that shared the effort today, Contador was surprised by the presence of Lampre. “Of all those working, they’re the only ones I didn’t expect. It’s logical that Rabobank pulled its share, having Menchov, Rasmussen, and Dekker. And Caisse d’Epargne: I expected an attack at the end, but they chose to keep quiet.”

Contador also explained why CSC was not in the cooperating group. “Sastre is more of a long distance rider, he prefers stages like tomorrow. So today was a bit too soon for them.”

He was very satisfied with Discovery Channel, his own team. “Levi Leipheimer feels really good, and on the whole, with Gusev, Popovych, and me we’ve put four people out ahead. I think we’re riding well and we’ll see what happens soon.”

Alberto’s Results

Stage 7 18th 3:38
Young rider 3rd 3:38

GC 11th 4:01
Young rider 5th 4:01

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