Sunday, July 15, 2007

Macca checks in......

Well my break is over and I am now back in Boulder with my family. It is wonderful to have the entire family here in boulder with me. We arrived from California yesterday and settled into our condo. I will start training tomorrow lightly after 20 days of rest and relaxation. We just spent 3 days at Disneyland which was wonderful. I have to thank my friend Jason Alexander and his whole Team at The Grand Californian Resort and Spa at Disneyland. They were awesome and we had the best time. The hotel was just amazing and to see the joy on the face of my girls was priceless. It was the best time and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Jason for everything mate. We cannot thank you enough. We will see you in Malibu mate.

On Wednesday night I went to the ESPY awards with Scott and my sponsors Under Armour. These were awesome and it was a full red carpet show with all the movie stars and sports stars hanging out. I had a great time. It was amazing to see so many incredible athletes in the one place. People like Ashley Judd, Samuel L Jackson, Michael phelps, Shaq, Lebron James, Patton Manning, Serena Williams and the list is just too long to even continue. Basically every big sport star from Tennis to Football was in the room and it was unreal. It was awesome and we had a great time. Under Armour are the sponsors of the night and for the last few years I have wanted to get up to the awards but have always been home in Australia.This year my shcedule worked great and we went. We were front row and I sat just down from Ashley Judd which was a buzz. I am a big fan of Ashley. After the awards we went to the Wednesday night fights and the ESPY afterparty which was cool. It was a late night but a great time on the town with cool people.

The following morning I packed the family up and we flew into Boulder, which is where we are now. It is great to be settles and not to be living out of a suitcase. I am really looking forward to training again. I am pleased with my race in Roth Germany this year. I felt amazing on the bike and run and just great all day. It was a long build up for this race and I was focused on going fast. I had a heavy training block through some of my early season races like St Croix and St Anthonys, but then as I dropped the workloads my body really came around and I felt amazing. I knew I was going well and was confident of a good result. The time in Boulder was also great as the altitude really gave me an extra gear which will be awesome come Hawaii. Anyway it is now time to plan for Hawaii and get everything sorted.

I am going to raise money for Breast Cancer this year in my Hawaii campaign in memory of my mother Theresa who lost her battle with the disease in 1999. I miss my mum so much and having a family now and not having my mum around to see it all is heartbreaking to me. I just want to do something positive and this is a disease and cause that is very close to my heart. We are putting together our fundraising plans now and will keep you all posted. Please help out if you can even in the smallest way.

Safe training everyone, Macca

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