Sunday, July 29, 2007

Contadormania reports Alberto Contador is Spain’s new idol. On Sunday, the young cyclist could become the fifth Spaniard to win the Tour de France.

Contadormania has already been unleashed in Pinto, his native town. All the citizens will be on tenterhooks as their home town boy gambles for the leadership in Saturday’s decisive time trial. They hope for his triumphal procession through the streets of Paris on Sunday.

On Sunday, Pinto’s city council will install a giant screen in the Prince of Asturias Pavilion. Townspeople will then unite to follow the last stage of the Tour de France and the fate of Alberto Contador, who hopes to be crowned victor in the 94th edition of the race. The giant screen will show images of Contador’s previous victories, then connect with Spanish TV for the live broadcast.

The doors of the Prince of Asturias Pavilion will open at 12:30 p.m. “By taking this step, the people of Pinto want to show the world their support for their champion, and make it easy for everyone in town to enjoy the live global celebration of this young athlete,” say municipal sources.

The city has provided a banner with the motto “Pinto for Alberto Contador - Thanks, Champion” which is now flying from the city hall. In addition, the people of Pinto have distributed yellow t-shirts proclaiming the name Contador.

Pinto’s mayor Miriam Rabaneda and other city officials will attend Sunday’s final stage on the Champs-Elysees. Their mission is to convey to Alberto the support and gratitude of thousands of Pinteños for the excitement they’ve experienced, thanks to his performance in the Tour. The rest of the city council will join citizens in front of the city hall to watch the race on the giant screen.

The council has also decided to charter buses to the airport on Monday, July 30, to greet Alberto as he returns to Spain, allowing Pinteños to give him the brilliant reception that he deserves. The entourage at the airport will be the first of a series of events designed to honor their neighbor, Alberto Contador, the famous man of the moment.

All over Pinto and the surrounding region, Contadormania has awakened.

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