Friday, July 4, 2008

Recovox Athlete - Bjorn Andersson 6th At Swedish National Time Trial Championship

Another nice showing for Bjorn Andersson with a 6th place finish at his national TT. 51km apparently, and probably a bit of climbing as well given the winning average speed.

1 Fredrik Ericsson (Team Cykelcity) (46.2 km/h)
2 Gustav Larsson (Skoghalls CK - Hammarö/Team CSC) 0.25.3
3 Thomas Lövkvist (Team Cykelcity/Team High Road) 0.33.7
4 Johan Lindgren (Team Cykelcity) 2.04.2
5 Marcus Ljungqvist (Falu CK/Team CSC) 2.30.7
6 Björn Andersson (Borås CA) 3.04.6

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