Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lisa Bently Checks In....


I had wanted to send out my proper race report with this update but since the report is still being drafted, I thought I would send out this brief update instead.

On August 26th, I won Subaru Ironman Canada, my 11th Ironman victory. The victory was the icing on the cake for just being able to compete on race day after spending most of the year rehabilitating some chronic injuries. Of course, I went into the race wanting to win but I really just wanted to race and share in the sport that I love so much. It was also interesting going into a race slightly less prepared. My swimming and biking were both strong and race ready, but I had only begun running in June literally my first run in June was 1 km. By mid July, my run was up to 21 km and before IMC, it might have reached 28-30 km. So, I definitely ran conservatively at Subaru Ironman Canada and reminded myself that this was my big long run for the Hawaii Ironman!!!

I cannot tell you how happy I was to cross that finish line in first. It really was a dream for me probably the greatest sporting achievement of my career.

So now, I am off to the Hawaii Ironman. I will leave on September 18th to prepare on the course and acclimatize. I will train with my 2006 training partner, Craig Alexander, and hopefully lift my fitness to another level. I will continue to work on building my running, but my focus will be on getting to the start line as healthy as possible rather than with the incredible mileage that I used to log.

Thank you all for supporting me for all the years you have supported me. And thank you for caring about me, the person, not just me, the athlete.

Kindest regards,
Lisa Bentley

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