Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Alberto's friends and fans in Spain have started a petition to protest his exclusion from the Tour de France.

The petition is intended for fans of Alberto and Astana all over the world. Nearly 16,000 people have signed so far.

MARCA reported on Thursday that the campaign, called Contador al Tour (contadoraltour.com), was initiated by Contador's friend and former teammate, Carlos Abellán.

The campaign hopes to harness the passion of fans, who can be, by speaking out, a "superpower."

"This is why this initiative has been started, so that you can support Alberto Contador after seeing the Astana team excluded from the Tour de France 2008."

"If you want another chance to enjoy the attack cycling that we saw in the 2007 Tour, and if you think the Tour de France must invite Alberto and his team, leave your signature on this web page so that ALL TOGETHER we can try to convince the Tour to change its mind."

The independent project is the work of fans devoted to the health of the sport. It is not affilitated with any team or association.

"We don't want to cause controversy, but simply want to show our support for Alberto Contador and his team."

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