Thursday, August 16, 2007

Macca checks in......

The last two weeks have been incredible here in Boulder. I have been able to get out on the back ranges along the continental divide with Boulder local and Pro Triathlete Cameron Widoff. I have know Cameron for a few years now and he has been living here in Boulder for 16 years. He knows some amazing rides and honestly of all the places I have been in the world, we did a 7 hour ride last week through the back ranges of Colorado that was some of the most beautiful riding I have ever done in my life. Absolutely breathtaking scenery, tough climbs and awesome little gold mining towns that are deserted now. I think what makes it so difficult here in Colorado on these climbs in comparison to many of the rides I have done in Europe in the Alps or the Pyrenees, is that you start so high from the plains here in Boulder. Boulder sits at the base of the mountain ranges yet it is 5500 feet above sea level.

The minute you leave Boulder and head up into the mountain ranges you are climbing above this height even further. We did most of our riding last week at above 8000 feet which was incredible and extremely difficult. The mountains in Europe just dont have this sort of altitude because you start th cimbs much closer to sea level. It is some tough riding here and really beautiful scenery. We are still looking for a place to buy here in Boulder.

It is a cute little town and Emma will be back from Sydney in a couple of weeks and will look for houses. Wes Hobson a former triathlete and mate, is an estate agent here in town and has been showing us around the properties in Boulder and Niwot. We will buy something here and live here for the next few years. I really like the town and will be interested to see how tough the winters will be. We wil probably go down to Arizona or California for a break in the winters to get some training done, but I really would like my kids to learn to ski a little.

Anyway my next race is in 3 weeks in Monaco so things are building well for that. It will signal the halfway point of my Kona training block and I should come back from here and commence the more intensive training work for Kona. I am really looking forward to racing Kona off this altitude work. It is just so tough and it will be interesting to see how big I can build the aerobic engine up here. The heat has been up here so that is good. Anyway not much else to report. It has been fun in town and we have had a few funny nights out in Pearl Street.

My young training partner, Paul Ambrose is going to court today for speeding in our car and not wearing a seat belt. He is a little nervous so we will pop in and see what happens. Other than that it is just business as usual. I am off to Henk Vogels place tonight. He is a pro cyclist from Australia and a good mate. It is great he is in town as he is a top bloke and great to grab a beer with and have a chat. Anyway i better go riding. will write again in a few days.

Cheers, Macca

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