Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Functionally Innovative Training

Functionally Innovative Training (FIT Multisports) is the distinctive leaderin the Multisport Training and Athlete Management industry. They are designed to allow anyone from the professional athlete to the beginning age grouper the ability to easily take advantage of their premier coaching, training, performance testing and athlete management services. Professional athletes such as Bjorn Andersson, Clas Bjorling, Jonas Colting, Chris McDonald and Marilyn MacDonald and Bryan Rhodes utilize FIT Multisport's services management and or coaching services.

Jason Goldberg is Director of Operations for FIT Multisports and has
Degrees from SUNY Cortland and Kean University where he studied Exercise Science, Human Movement and Sport and Recreation Management. He has over 10 years of multisport coaching experience including training and racing with power meters for the past 8 years. FIT Multisports is also one of a handful of Ergomo Coaching Centers in the United States.

FIT Multisport's programs are based on cutting edge science and research as well as practical applications, never opinion. To ensure that they can engineer human performance, they measure an athlete's gases, heart rate, blood lactate and power output to design a training program based on their unique physiology and biomechanical strengths and weaknesses. They run their laboratory services to train,test and optimize each athletes' performance that they work with. They video tape their swim stroke, cycling style and position, and running stride. Everything that goes into and comes out of the athlete gets tested, taped, measured, plotted, evaluated. They listens to what each athlete says,listen to their bodies, watch what they do. They are the consummate athletic trainers, testers, tacticians and coaches. FIT Multisports takes pride in these cutting edge training methodologies and they are committed to providing athletes with the ultimate training and management experience.

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