Thursday, May 17, 2007

Floyd speaks on his decision to open the case to the public

“Since the first day of this case, I have been concerned about my ability to get a fair hearing. When I learned that I could request that a hearing in my case be opened to the public, my immediate response was that it is something that I have to do. Let the public decide for themselves. They will see that I won the Tour de France fair and square. Now, thanks to the public nature of these proceedings, the sports world will be watching, the taxpayers and legislators that fund USADA will be watching, and the Panel’s colleagues in the legal and arbitration profession will be looking to see their commitment to handing down a fair decision based on the facts and on the science as provided by both sides, all of which demonstrates that I won the Tour fairly and cleanly. In doing so, they will make a decision that stands the test of time and history by helping change the system for the good of all athletes who have to go through this in the future."

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