Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chris Lieto Checks In From Mt. Hood....

Yesterday was a hard prologue.  doing 3 miles as hard as you can really hurts.  I have no experience in how to dose my effort.  It started out up a small climb, in which I went to hard and payed for it the rest of the time.  I am still very happy finishing in just under 6 min and 30 sec.  20th overall.  Painful though.  

Today was a 112 mile road race in 90 degree weather.  One of my team mates was in an early break so We just got to sit in most of the day.  Sitting in was still a good amount of work.  We caught the break with 8 miles to go and the attacks started hard and frequent.  the last 45 minutes was hard going over the climbs and through the winding country roads.  The finish was flat to a slight down hill so the pace was fast.  There was about 50 guys left out of 140 or so.  I tried a couple times to launch off the front on my own and bring a couple guys, with no luck.  We came into the finish with a speed just over 47 mph and I finished with the group in 23rd. 

Todays finished moved me up in the overall GC to 16th, 34 seconds down from the lead.  Tomorrow will be the true test, with a long road race of 87 miles.  Each lap is 18.7 miles with a 1700 foot climb each lap.  Hopefully I will stay towards the front and have a good day.  What ever happens I know I will get a great training day in.

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