Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dave Zabriskie - A Velo Super Hero Revealed

By Dave Z

Happy New Year !!!

It’s hard to imagine a better way to bring in the new year than to be profiled in the current issue of Velo, the print version of But there I am, posed and exposed in my alternate persona as a Super Hero.

Velo editor, Neal Rogers, does a fine job of decoding my ‘enigma’ status with an explanation of my past and present. It’s fair to say not everyone gets me but I think
he does.

At Neal’s request, and as a follow-up to his article, I wrote a ‘Day in the Life’ piece for the magazine. I think of myself as less mysterious than I’m thought of. Cycling fans around the world seem to find me puzzling. I know this from the brief chats I have at coffee shops or on group rides, from the small talk before and after races, and in the emails and messages on my web site and on Facebook. I really think of myself as a normal dude just trying to find his way through life like the rest of you. But the mystery continues. To perhaps better establish my normalcy I answer the question I’m most often asked: ‘What’s a day in your life like?’

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