Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DZNuts with Dave Zabriskie

Dave Zabriskie breaks it down on his creations: DZNuts and the NutUp!

Dznuts High Viscosity Chamois cream was designed for Dave Zabriskie (DZ) by a pharmaceutical scientist to reduce and relieve chafing, irritation, and protect fragile perineal skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Formulated for real and synthetic chamois from ONLY plant-derived natural ingredients like *Tea Tee Oil (powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal), *Evodia (powerful anti-inflamatory and wound healing), and *Masterwort (used by ancient Greeks for wound healing and calming properties).

"Proper MAINTAINTANANCE of the perineal area is essential during high level training and racing. Nothing can ruin stage race success faster than an infected saddle sore."

--Dave Zabriskie

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