Monday, June 18, 2007

Former ITU Secretary General and Anti-Doping Commissioner Mark Sisson Takes Aim at Medical Establishment

Mark Sisson, a former champion athlete, world-renowned anti-doping guru and supplement pro is on a marathon of a mission: provide an insightful, inspiring, revolutionary blog community where no topic is too controversial, no truth is sacred, and everyone is welcome.

Mark’s Daily Apple is the fast-growing manifestation of this goal. In this radical new health blog Mark and contributing writers take on the likes of Big Pharma, Big Agra and Big Moo and challenge their readers to rethink everything they’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness.

“Americans’ health and the way we’re attempting to fix health are just not working. And doing the same old thing is the definition of insanity. I see amazing potential for real, positive change – Americans are increasingly becoming interactive and harnessing the internet's new capabilities,” says Sisson.

With years of experience as a top-ranked tri-athlete and then as a coach, Mark Sisson offers a fresh and unique perspective. He encourages readers to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life through investigation, discussion, and by constantly challenging the status quo. In the process he turns the healthcare industry on its head.

“I am nothing short of outraged by the mass-marketing of deadly drugs, surgery, and lifestyles that do nothing more than destroy people’s lives. I believe humans have a right to something better - if we demand it,“ says Sisson.

At Mark's Daily Apple you will regularly find contentious and provocative comments aimed at uncovering the lies, myths and half-truths perpetuated by the medical establishment. These recent posts are just a few examples of what you can expect to find on the site:

“And you thought Dick Cheney met with the energy corporations a lot. It turns out the FDA and drug companies meet so frequently, it’s one big campfire kumbayah.”

“Glaxo Smith Kline shareholders were dismayed at analysts’ early estimate of what the Avandia debacle will cost: upwards of five billion. That’s a lot of yachts.”

“I’ve long noticed that new guidance issuances and sudden press releases about the “danger” of vitamins typically coincide with Big Pharma and FDA scandals. Trucking out sensational scares always makes for a nice distraction from the bigger issues.”

Mark’s Daily Apple also features: daily health updates from all the major medical journals and news sources; free premium content; personalized, same-day email responses to health and fitness questions; discounts on premium health supplements.

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