Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Invited to the Giro at the last minute with his team, Astana, Alberto Contador assumes that he will arrive short of form at the Giro.

According to Sport.es, This Saturday Alberto Contador will be in Palermo, the starting point of the 2008 Giro. But nobody expects to see him at his best.

“Just five days ago I was on the beach, on vacation,” argues the Madrileño, who has to yield the team leadership on the roads of Italy to other important Astana men, like Andreas Klöden or Levi Leipheimer.

“I’m not at a good moment of form, and this isn’t the best way to go to a race as demanding as the Giro,” he added.

The winner of the 2007 Tour de France was glad his team has been added to the Giro roster at the eleventh hour, but he admitted that the change of plans has caught him off guard. “It’s necessary to prepare a race like the Giro far in advance, physically as much as psychologically.

"My objective? I’ll take it one day at a time and make decisions based on how my body is responding.”

Contador, resting from competition since winning the Vuelta al País Vasco on April 12, spoke about the hypothesis that the Tour de France might lift its embargo on Astana.

“It’s difficult, but if they invited us to the Tour five days in advance, it would not be a consolation."

"I like to go to win each race, and if I’m going to the Giro badly prepared, imagine if I had to go to the Tour like that. The body has a limit.”

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