Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Wildflower time! (and ST is covering it live)

Terenzo Bozzone the odds on favorite to win.

by: Dan Empfield

Make an early dent in your honey-do list. Come 7:45AM on Saturday, we'll be serving up live online coverage of what's always the most exciting and competitive of the early season races.

Upwards of 100 pros are entered in the Avia Wildflower Long Course race, and the men face the most competitive field so far this year in long course racing. Andy Potts, Terenzo Bozzone, Eneko Llanos, Rutger Beke, Chris Legh and Luke Bell are just a few of the headliners.

Torbjorn Sindballe, Chris Lieto, Jordan Rapp, Karl Bordine and Bjorn Andersson will put into serious jeopardy [what we feel is] the most prestigious triathlon bike course record outside of the Hawaiian Ironman, the 2:14:00 Lieto set in last year's event.

The women's race features the return to racing of Sam McGlone, down and out for the past six months with an achilles injury. She'll knock heads with Leanda Cave, Erika Csomor, Becky Lavelle, Pip Taylor and many others.

Commentating will be Dan (Slowman) Empfield, the coverage team is headed by Mark (Monty) Montgomery, and Tim Carlson will be shooting race photos.

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