Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floyd Landis rides prologue in baggy t-shirt and number flapping

Crowds lined the streets in the Old Mill District to catch a glimpse of Floyd Landis at the Cascade Classic. Race organizers added the controversial cyclist, who is racing without a team, to the registration one day prior to the event’s start date.

He was the brunt of laughter during the short time trial for wearing a novice looking outfit. Rather than wear a blank racing skin suit, he chose to sport a grey baggy T-shirt and nondescript black cycling shorts with his numbers sloppily pinned on the back, loose enough to catch wind and create a small sail.

“The chief official said that it is a USCF rule that if you are going to wear a jersey that has the name of a business or a sponsor there has to be a licensed team,” said Executive Director Chuck Kenlan. “Essentially he had to wear something plain with no sponsor on it and he just found a grey t-shirt and that was what he wore.”

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