Monday, July 6, 2009

Tim DeBoom - Aspen Extreme

I just finished up my time in Aspen. (until next weekend when I go back!) It was a great few days with some buddies, and some incredible riding. I’ve still been giving my foot a little break from running since it flared up again in Kansas, so this was a pretty much riding only trip. I did get a swim in at the Aspen rec center one day, but $17 for a swim seemed just a little to “Aspeny” for my liking. Good lord, it’s free at the pool in Kona!

We got in plenty of miles and tons of climbing. Wed. finished up with just over 5 hours and 9000 feet of climbing. I hardly noticed any effort, as the scenery was simply incredible. Really green right now too with all the rain that we’ve had.
I did get stung by a bee one day. Right on the eye. Knocked my Oakleys clear across the road trying to get them off. I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed that they didn’t even get scratched smacking the pavement. What other tests can I throw at them? (Always wondered about that “shotgun blast to the lens” test)

My face did not survive quite as well. I looked like Rocky (post Apollo Creed brawl) for a couple days. Sorry, no pics.

This trip was different than last year in that I was on my road bike the whole time. Only mountain biking last year.
I’m actually going up again next weekend for a RedRock Company meeting (we roll big!) and mountain biking will be front and center. Going to ride Pearl Pass to Crested Butte. The Felt Nine should be the perfect weapon of choice.

The evenings with the boys were pretty mellow. None of us are really the “out on the town” kind of guys, especially after the riding we were doing. Unfortunately, cable tv sucks, and we only had one movie with us to watch. 3 times.

I now love the movie “Step Brothers”. Gets better every time I watch it. “Boats and ho’s”

I’m now home and back in Boulder training mode. Get the foot perfect before I start racing again. I don’t want any issues when it’s time to ramp it up for Kona.

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