Friday, July 3, 2009

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Okay, truth be told...I'm a idiot. I know, not a news item for some of you, but after 50 or so years of pulling this journo gig, I missed my first new bike launch flight. Not by a few minutes, or even a few hours, but by a whole day. In fact the “where the hell are you?” text came to me from Trek's Nick Howe just as I was loading my car and headed to the airport. The sense of dread that spread through my body was nothing less than epic. I screwed up. As hard as it was to admit to myself, I next had to admit it to what!? Within 20 minutes Brad had me on another flight, this one to Paris where I would then train it to Monaco. To say that our new & sudden Tour planning was going along by the seat of our pants would be a big understatement!

Not that it would be any solace to the Trek people for wasting their time and money on me, but the penance I paid for missing their trip was far deeper than I could've ever imagined. In a nutshell, think a modern/foreign version of The Out of Towners w/ Jack Lemmon...and it went something like this...

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